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The BURNNIE Show / We are a non profit charity 501(c)3 (ID 41-1645062) which offers a tax deduction for your charitable donation.

Thanks for checking out The BURNNIE Show!

We hope you’re enjoying the thoughtful content we are providing for children. It’s important to us that we make a connection with children and their families. We don’t like thinking of this as just our show but as a show that belongs to everyone.

You see, The BURNNIE Show isn’t sponsored by any church or big corporation, The BURNNIE Show is completely funded by generous donations from people like you. We’re very thankful for the help we’ve received so far, but our costs are on-going. Producing a world wide television series for children requires financing.

So if you’d like to continue to see quality programming like The BURNNIE Show on the web and on TV, please consider partnering with us. Any amount helps.

The BURNNIE Show is produced by a 501c3 ministry, so you can be sure all your U.S. based donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for your support.The BURNNIE Show is a television show for kids that is produced by RTC Inc., dba Reaching the Children Media. RTC and The BURNNIE Show is a 501c3 non-profit ministry whose sole mission is to create quality programming to all people, especially kids.

What makes “The BURNNIE Show” unique?

The goal of each “BURNNIE” episode offers discussion starters between parents and their children. “The BURNNIE Show” is driven by a specific intent to present an inspirational and educational concept. Positive values combine with additional efforts in promoting children’s social, emotional, behavioral health with an introduction to God. Episodes support parents, caregivers, teachers and other professionals in their work with children.

Although many preschool aged children love “The BURNNIE Show,” the design of each “BURNNIE” episode is strategically assembled to present one topic at a slow pace appropriate for our intended audience of 5 - 11 years old. You will not find a distracting set of sub plots. You will not find loud and harsh characters.

“The BURNNIE Show” is crafted to create something “real.” Aside from one pinch of fantasy with “BURNNIE” as a talking rabbit, each episode presents real people in real to life situations. The true to life design of the program enhances the ability for parents, grandparents, teachers, and caregivers to open a line of communication on important topics with their children.The BURNNIE Show is not sponsored by any church denomination or television network. It is fully supported by its viewers. All U.S. donations are tax deductible.

Show Details

The program is geared to compete with and is as well-produced as any secular children’s programing–but without the questionable messages and influences. It’s upbeat, positive, lively and modern. The BURNNIE Show utilizes the latest technology in filmography. It’s produced in full HD (1920x1080p).

Each episode takes the viewer through the daily triumphs, trials, and tribulations of being "BURNNIE." BURNNIE makes many mistakes with humorous results as he learns life lessons and tackles the general ups and downs of growing up.

The BURNNIE Show, one rabbit puppet and a live cast, is a children's television series about BURNNIE T. Bunnie, magic shop employee, learning a new character building lesson each episode through hare-larious adventures. Kids will fall in love with puppet and magic shop worker BURNNIE as he humorously navigates growing up to be the best he can be.

Each 30 minute episode focuses on specific traits such as respect, telling the truth, self concept etc.  One puppet character, BURNNIE, and a cast of live actors, helps bring the program to an elementary age target with an appeal to an adult audience as well.

Episodes progress from the TREGGLLUSIONS Magic Shop, to the Christy Creams Ice Cream Parlor, and to a variety of interesting locations filmed at businesses, museums, attractions, etc. throughout the U.S. as the story line indicates. Episode returns to the magic shop and the TREGGLLUSIONS auditorium where a live audience of children enjoy a grand illusion performed by Steve and Faith TREGGLLUSIONS.


The BURNNIE Show is available locally on KELO's MyUTV each Saturday at 11:30 (cable channel 10 or digital 11.2)

The BURNNIE Show is viewed in the United Kingdom through the UCB network and to Australia, The Netherlands, and Jamaica.

Watch on the National Religious Broadcasting station Direct TV ch. 378 Saturday at 7:30 AM EST

The BURNNIE Show is viewed right here on our "Episodes" page.

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