A First Time

A Time for Change

All Washed Up

An Insult for Everyone

Borrowing Burnnie

Bossy Burnnie

Burnnie's Advice

Burnnie's Always Right

Burnnie's Babysitting

Below / Under Construction

Burnnie's Song

Carrington Interrogative Eraser

Coins And Tunnels

Don't Just Do Something

Gonzo is Gone

Gonzo's Garage Sale

It Looks Good

Keep Your Word

Laughs And Giggles

Learn To Listen

Making Mistakes

One Friend At A Time

Planks A Lot

Practice And Patience

Read The Book

That's Not Yours

The Carrington Express

The Secret Recipe

The Winner

Top Hat's Treasure

Top Hat's Trip


Precious In His Sight

BURNNIE Radio Program / 1990

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